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Prisma Interiors 

Prisma Interiors is a full-service boutique interior design studio based in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2018 by Tatyana Gold, an Israeli immigrant with an American Dream to create interiors that stand out from the crowd. With a leap of faith into a long-awaited dream, Tatyana considers herself a lucky one. One who had a dream, one who followed it tirelessly, and one who gets to live and breathe design daily. Prisma Interiors was born on a mission to make people’s lives better within the spaces they spend most time living. As a mother of three and a business owner, Tatyana understands that each interior design project has its priorities, budget, and timeline. Thus, we approach each project with personalized concepts which are calculated and implemented into tastefully curated spaces that reflect our clients’ individual taste and lifestyle.

Specializing in high-end residential and commercial design and renovation, Prisma Interiors strives to visualize, craft, and execute clients’ vision and goals while considering existing conditions and architectural elements that make up the space. Our design strategy, sourcing of curated elements, and meticulous project management, with keen attention to partnership with our clients is the hallmark of our design process.

We provide services throughout Florida and connecting islands and manage projects from single rooms to entire estates. We aspire to curate exceptional interiors with high attention to detail and client’s needs.

  • Residential design and renovation

  • Commercial design and renovation

  • New construction

  • e-Design

Created with a passion for exceptional design, Prisma Interiors is dedicated to reinventing spaces from basic to

aesthetically pleasing, functional, bespoke, and tailored to the needs, aesthetic, and lifestyle of our clients. Manifesting ideas into real-lived, emotion driven, interiors are the biggest reward as an interior designer. Our studio is renowned for creating extraordinary interiors that redefine sophistication and elevate spaces to new heights. Interior Design is far more than selecting beautiful furniture to fill

a room. Our interior design strategy has been proven fruitful in creating interiors that generate a human connection, tell a story, initiate a reaction, and shape the way our clients live within the space and create memories to be cherished for a

lifetime. We believe that interiors are where life happens, and it should be morphed into beautifully lived spaces.




P: (305) 904-9292

IG @prismainteriors

Esther Leavitt-Azulay

The best interior designer. Great ideas to transform spaces. Tanya is so helpful and always there at anytime. A lot of experience, contacts and great background... Love the space she designed. Highly recommend 👌


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